Aham Family

Aham Family - Sreenanda Palit

Sreenanda Palit

Dr. Sreenanda Palit, Associate Professor is the founding member of  the Fashion Communication Department at NIFT Kolkata and is heading it presentl...
Aham Family - Chythrra Halliker

Chythrra Halliker

Chythrra Hallikeri is a renowned celebrity makeup artist based in Bengaluru. With her exceptional talent and expertise, she has made a name for her...
Aham Family - Radhika Yelluru

Radhika Yelluru

Radhika, a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in California, adds flair to traditional wear with her impeccable fashion sense. Her love for dan...
Aham Family - Pradnya Mane

Pradnya Mane

Pradnya Mane is a psychologist and writer living in Mumbai. By day, she helps people understand their feelings and thoughts, guiding them through l...
Aham Family - Namrata Jain

Namrata Jain

Namrata Jain is a program manager living in Delhi. She is a travel enthusiast and loves exploring new places, soaking in different cultures, and fe...
Aham Family - Puja Wingfield

Puja Wingfield

Puja Wingfield is a dynamic entrepreneur based in Richmond, United States. She is the proud owner of Keya & Co., a beloved brand renowned for i...
Moitri Roy

Moitri Roy

Moitri from Hopkinton, United States, is a scientist by profession. Beyond her scientific pursuits, Moitri is also a digital creator, harnessing te...
Aham Family - Shweta Trivedi

Shweta Trivedi

Shweta Trivedi is an interior designer based in Ahmedabad, With a focus on simplicity and elegance, Shweta's designs reflect her commitment to craf...
Mondira Dalvi

Mondira Dalvi

Mondira Dalvi is an artist and an art teacher in Mumbai from the past twenty five years. She is a vivacious lady who carries her jewellery with a...
Freeda Lazar

Freeda Lazar

Freeda Lazar is a dear friend, a talented cookie artist and the founder of Freddies Baking Studio, a boutique bakery based in Bangalore, India. Sh...
Rashmi Deshpande

Rashmi Deshpande

Rashmi from Bangalore, is a practicing lawyer by profession who loves exploring handloom, art, travel, books and food.  Rashmi is wearing a long si...
Preethi Ganesan

Preethi Ganesan

Preethi Ganesan from the USA, is a saree lover and collector, an avid traveller, loves Indian decor and old Hindi movie and music fan.  Preethi is ...


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