Silver Care

Love your silver, and it will love you back : )

It is the nature of silver to oxidise over a long period of time due to exposure and contact with moisture.

A few little tips to make sure your silver goes a long way, and becomes a treasured possession that can be passed on from generations to generations.

Dry Silver, is Happy Silver.

The best way to keep your silver looking good for a long time is to not get it wet.

Avoid taking it to the gym, shower, swimming pools and keep it away from perfumes and makeup.  

If it does get wet, wipe with a soft dry cloth as soon as you can.


Always clean your jewellery before storing it.  

Store your jewellery in re-sealable plastic pouches/ zip locks or soft cotton pouch.

Store each item individually to avoid scratches and wear and tear from rubbing with each other. Specially if the silver comes with gold polish/ plating.

If you have a lot of silver, then you could also use a plastic box with many compartments, that could hold each of your piece individually.

Keep your jewellery in a dark/ cool place and avoid places like the bathroom that have a lot of moisture.

NEVER store them in leather/ velvet pouch

And don’t forget to wear your silver as often as you can!



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