About Us

‘Aham’ is the most important aspect of our lives; the sheer axis of our existence around which everything revolves -- the self. That which looks back at you in the mirror, that which speaks to you in thought, and that which defines the narrative of your life. ‘Aham’ is the state of supreme self awareness, of boundless consciousness. Aham is an Ode to every woman who is Brahman Asmi, the infinite reality.

‘Aham' is a journey. An exploration into the mesmerising world of silver.

A quest to curate silver jewellery from all over India and bring their stories to you.

To design collections that are contemporary, timeless and a reflection of who you are.


Jewellery to us, is design that finds its soul in tangible element - that which tells us a story of the spirit, fervour, survival, and victory of human civilization over time.


We are fascinated with the deep-rooted sense of symbolism and design in Indian jewellery which is a true reflection of our rich and diverse culture.


Aham is on journey to go to the narrowest nooks of our country to find these stories for you.  From the fine craftsmanship of Rajasthan, Elaborate Rabari jewellery of Western Gujarat, to the distinct nomadic Turkman jewellery; the eclectic tribal aesthetics of Madhya Pradesh to the kemp and temple designs of South India, royal pearl work from Andra Pradesh to glass and silver jewellery from UttarPradesh, Traditional motifs from Maharashtrian Jewellery to fine hand Filigree work from East India, and more; there is so much that has been carried through time. 

It’s a slow evolution but the quest is on! 

For every women, Her Jewellery is he most prised possession, a peak into her soul, a conversation starter, and gives her the power to transform and transcend into anything she wants.

Explore the fascinating world of jewellery and shop with us on www.ahamjewellery.com for the best collection of handcrafted earrings, neckpieces, pendants, nosepins, bangles, kadas, toe rings, rings, anklets and more.




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