Snehal Amembal

Snehal Amembal is a talented writer based in the United Kingdom who has been spreading awareness about Parkinson's disease, which she acquired at a very young age. Snehal is a Parkinson warrior whose journey with the disease began subtly in 2018, leading to a formal diagnosis in 2021 after navigating years of uncertainty.

Despite the challenges, Snehal has a keen eye for fashion. She curates stunning ensembles on her Instagram page, "," showcasing her impeccable sense of style. Her fashion choices are characterized by elegant simplicity, often accentuated with minimal jewelry, reflecting her sophisticated taste.

She can be seen wearing statement silver earring from our Mewad Collection 


A beautiful vintage hasli from our tribal collection that her friend gifted her from Aham Jewellery. (May god bless us all with such wonderful friends)

Classic ball Chain Neckpiece 

Versatile Silver Hook Earrings from our Mewad Collection along with a stack of Silver Bangles 

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