Pandadi Earrings

Name: Pandadi, Panderi, Pandada, Jhuma Panderi

Origin: Saurashtra (Junagadh district) and Kutch
Community: Rabari and Harijan (Kutch), Mer and Ahir (Junagadh), Patel (Radhanpur), Jat (Kutch)
Mode of Fastening: Usually comes with fish hook, Originally Worn in helix
Material:  Made in both Gold and Silver
Standard weight: 15 to 30 grams 

The top is usually a flower shape which has a large diamond suspended to it that carries emboss and granulation work. Typically worn as a set of three in the Helix as shown in the image.
Pandadi Earring
Image and content source: Earrings by Waltraud Ganguly

Some Pandadi Earrings from our collection at Aham Jewellery. 

Pandadi Earring
Pandadi Earring

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