Subbulakshmi Sethuraman

Subbulakshmi from Singapore loves good jewellery and her insta feed is a refection of that. In her opinion, "Jewellery is like pastries, there's always room for more"

Spotted here wearing the versatile two sided handcrafted silver Chitai Hasli from Aham Jewellery - Chitai Collection 

Aham Family - Subbulakshmi Sethuraman

Aham Jewellery Silver Mewad Earring

Aham Family - Subbulakshmi Sethuraman

Aham Jewellery Silver Turquoise Love Drops

Aham Family - Subbulakshmi Sethuraman

Aham Family is a series where we celebrate the remarkable women and men who are valued members of Aham Jewellery community. Each individual showcased here represents more than just a customer; they are part of our family. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their enduring patronage and unwavering support throughout the years.

Their stories and experiences inspire us daily, reminding us of the meaningful connections we've built through our shared passion for Indian silver jewellery. Together, we continue to shape the essence of what it means to be part of the Aham community, sharing and celebrating stories of Indian craftsmanship, heritage, and culture—with jewellery as the medium.


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