Aparna Rao

A saree enthusiast, Aparna Rao from Bangalore shares her journey and love for the 6 yards in #myexpeimentswiththesaree.

Her saree drapes are unique, versatile and sometimes edgy! What we also adore is how she completes her look with the perfect set of footwear, bags, belts and jewellery!

You can follow her @aparnashandle to see her distinct styling experiments.

Dressed in her signature sarees and some timeless handcrafted silver pieces from Aham Jewellery 

Aparna Rao Aham Jewellery
Tribal Silver Neckpieces 

Aparna Rao Aham Jewellery
Chitai Work Hand Cuff 

Aparna Rao Aham Jewellery
Nrityam Kemp work Neckpiece and Earring 

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